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What Is MDVIP?

It’s important that everyone get the quality medical care that they need, and isn’t it a comfort to know that it’s right at your fingertips any Concierge Medicine Humbletime you need it? With concierge medicine, our doctor will ensure that you get your appointments quickly . Whether you are looking for preventive care or you need to get a biopsy done, our MDVIP affiliated Dr may provide you with the advantage of getting the medical care you require, conveniently and quickly often under one roof.

In many medical practices patients say they feel like just another number. In fact, most practices have over 1,000  clients per physician and try to go through as many as possible throughout the day. Here at Northeast Primary Care Associates, we believe that each patient is important and that their time is valuable and precious. If you have chosen to join the practice of our MDVIP affiliated physician, Dr Patton, to provide you with the medical treatment and care you need, we want to make sure that you have peace of mind with this decision.

Here at Northeast Primary Care Associates, we offer memberships to join our MDVIP affiliated physician,  Dr. Patton. This means that she can dedicate the necessary amount of time to each of her patients day in and day out. When you walk through our doors we want you to feel that you have enough time to address questions and concerns and to feel that you got the most from your visit.

To become a member of MDVIP, you simply  pay an annual membership fee which  ensures that you get an indepth annual visit that provides labs,screenings and testing that areoften not covered by standard insurance wellness benefits. You recieve a comprehensive, detailed, personalized wellness plan that is created specifically for you. In addition, you get longer and more in-depth medical appointments, which allow a personal relationship with your healthcare team. This type of service is proven to reduce hospitalization, and improve overall health outcomes for everyone, and is even more beneficial to someone dealing with chronic, long-term health issues. Even if you don't have any chronic illnesses, as a member of Dr Patton's MDVIP practice, you will receive priority appointment times that will work with your busy schedule, and you’ll be able to reach us more quickly via phone or email.The Dr is always reachable too; by phone, or text after hours. If you must be referred to a medical specialist, we take steps to make it easier to get that care  quickly rather than having to wait months for the treatment you need.


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