Dr. Eve Patton, MD

Dr. Eve Patton

Primary Care Physician in Humble, TX

Northeast Primary Care Associates

Both doctors have lived and worked in the Humble area for over 20 yrs. Together they started this practice in 1998. Dr. Patton provides our MDVIP services and is certified as a BioTE bioidentical hormone optimization provider as well as our weight loss clinic provider.

Dr. Patton spent a number of years in New York, the US Virgin Islands and Washington, D.C

Having lived in different cultures has allowed her to appreciate and communicate well with people of many backgrounds. She has great interest in other languages and is conversant in Spanish.

After completing medical school Howard University in D.C., Dr. Patton relocated to Houston to complete her Family Medicine specialty training at Baylor College of Medicine. She completed her training and received her board certification in 1993.

Dr. Patton’s MDVIP affiliation provides for extensive comprehensive annual health assessments that focus on prevention, lifestyle assessments, as well as screening for disease processes in such a way that a comprehensive plan is achieved and patients can then follow up on any problems identified, or engage in regular follow up visits that can help achieve their healthcare goals. Dr. Patton and her husband live in the Lake Houston area where their children have grown up. Her patients benefit from her extensive knowledge base and love of patient education.

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